We've simplified things here at Amurelle to bring the best quality 100% cotton & linen bedding direct to our customers from the best makers in Europe. By producing our products close to home in Northern Portugal, one of our missions, we are reducing our carbon footprint & supporting an industry that is steeped in history & dates back to the 1700s.

By using only natural fibres to make our bedding, we are using the least harmful method of production & protecting mother nature as much as we can. Natural fibres are bio-degradable, therefore in years to come our bedding won't sit in landfill like many other brands products who use artificially manufactured fibres such as polyester, which do not break down & release harmful chemicals into the ocean when washed. 

In addition, all Amurelle items are Oeko-tex certified which guarantees your sheets are made with respect for the environment & are entirely free of harmful chemicals so that you won't loose sleep over how your bedding has been made. 

When you choose Amurelle bedding you are making a sustainable choice as our 100% cotton bedding stays in practically perfect condition for 5 - 10 years & our 100% linen bedding virtually lasts a lifetime. 

We have cut out the middle man & bring Amurelle bedding direct to you from our expert makers in Portugal - this cuts down on unnecessary costs for you the customer & results in fair pricing compared to other luxury bedding brands.

Lastly, our packaging is plastic free & fully recyclable so you can sleep soundly knowing everything Amurelle is bio-degradable. 

Amurelle is simply bedding, made better.