Linen is known for it's cooling qualities & has been popular for a long time in warmer climates but at Amurelle we believe it is the perfect fabric to sleep in year round - our breeze linen bedding is made from 100% certified French Flax Linen which is durable & naturally insulating due to its hollow fibres, keeping you cosy in Winter & cool in Summer.

And how is Amurelle Breeze Linen made?

Much like our hero cotton, it all begins in the ground & one of nature's most beautiful wonders - the flax plant. Sourced only from French flax plants, the entire plant is utilised in its production. The fibres are used to create luxuriously soft bedding & other elements of the plant such as the seeds are used to make linseed oil which is why breeze linen is such a sustainable choice. You can read more about Amurelle & sustainability here.

These fibres are woven together by our partners in Northern Portugal & each item is garment washed to create the most luxurious & naturally relaxed breeze linen bedding that lasts & gets softer with every night's sleep. This also means you can pop your new bedding on straight away & begin to enjoy its benefits instantly! 

In addition, all Amurelle items are Oeko-tex certified which guarantees your sheets are made with respect for the environment & are entirely free of harmful chemicals so that you won't loose sleep over how your bedding has been made. Read more about this here.

Amurelle breeze linen is great for warm or cool sleepers who love the finer things in life & a great night's sleep!