'There are two things that I'm quite passionate about, my home and sleep!'

Inspired by the simple fact that we as humans spend one third of our life in bed, I created Amurelle to simplify how you purchase bedding by bringing it direct to you from the best makers in the industry. These are premium quality bed sheets made close to home in Northern Portugal, with thought out features to ensure making your bed is the easiest it's ever been and gives you the best nights sleep you've ever had. 

with love from Hannah, Founder & Designer



We've simplified things here at Amurelle to bring you the best quality 100% cotton & 100% linen bedding with thought out features to help you achieve your best night's sleep. All of our bed sheets are produced in Northern Portugal by fourth generation makers who choose the finest cotton and French Flax Linen to expertly weave every Amurelle item.

Why Portugal? One of our biggest missions is to produce our products as thoughtfully as possible including where they are made. We travelled around Europe to find the best producers which eventually led us to Portugal whose textile business is built on a legacy which dates back to the late 1700s. It is therefore no surprise that today, Portuguese manufacturers are renowned for producing some of the world's best quality and most expertly crafted textiles.

Another mission of Amurelle is to simplify how you buy bedding and help you sleep soundly knowing your sheets are made from the best quality natural fabrics that will stand the test of time. That's why all our sheets are made from the finest 100% cotton and certified French flax linen and are pre-washed to ensure they are durable and only get better with every wash. We've also cut out the middle man and bring our bedding straight to you from our makers which means our pricing is always fair.
Last but not least, we made it our mission to help you make your bed without fuss. Put simply, say goodbye to faffing! Our sheets have extra deep walls and are designed to hug even the deepest mattress, our duvet covers have a fabric label in the bottom-right corner so they are easy to change and our pillowcases have a deep internal envelope opening to ensure your pillow always stays tight inside.

This is thoughtful, ethically sourced, expertly made & fairly priced bedding, simple.