Move Over, Astrology. What Does Your Bedding Say About You?

Did you know that the colour of your bed linen says a lot about you? Well, the colours you choose for your bedroom could be down to more than just personal preference… 

The colour you select for your bedding should be one you feel most comfortable around – meaning your selection might indicate deeper and more subconscious factors of your personality, emotions and inner workings. 

If you choose… 

  • White: A person with white bedding is likely to be a super neat and tidy individual with a strong dislike for clutter, as well as someone who takes a straightforward approach to life and isn’t afraid to speak their mind when the need arises.
  • Beige: A room with beige bedding brings a more casual, relaxing, and timeless vibe. This colour provides a breath of fresh air, creating an outdoors-in feel and blending nature’s scenery with the bedroom’s interior.
  • Grey: If you’re someone who goes for grey, then you pride yourself on blending styles to feel edgier and cooler, carrying more personality. It reflects the true essence of your person and shows how clear minded you are..
  • Pink: Lighter pink shades indicate a more sentimental, calm, and nurturing personality.
  • Blue: Deep blue provides an incredibly classy, cosy, and timeless vibe. The colour of the night sky and the deep ocean, it’s great for a beautiful, rich, and minimalistic aesthetic. 
  • Green: This earthy colour indicates how grounded and nature-loving a person is. When someone opts for green bedding, there’s a strong chance that they’re more in touch with nature than the vast majority of other people. 

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