How Often Should I Replace My Pillows and Duvet?

We spend a major chunk of our time in our beds. Thus, it makes sense to have comfortable bedding with a soft and feathery pillow and a cozy duvet. Once you have lugged a bulky new duvet and set of pillows home, chances are you are not in any rush to replace them. However, a common query that arises is how often one should change the duvet and pillows. Some might say two years, while others say five. Let us find out the actual time to replace pillows and duvets to maintain comfort and hygiene.

According to the experts, it is recommended to replace pillows every 1 to 2 years. This basically ensures that you are using pillows that are supportive, clean, and free of allergens.

And talking about replacing the duvet, whether you buy goose feather and down luxury duvets or opt for slightly lower-cost duvets, all of them require proper care and replacement for maximum benefits and hygiene. It is recommended to replace duvets every five years. Note that a higher-quality duvet tends to last longer than a lower-quality one.

Why is it important to replace pillows and duvets?

We have discussed the ideal time to replace pillows and duvets, but it is important to know why you actually need to change the pillows and duvets. Using pillows past their prime time can contribute to allergic reactions, skin breakouts, and sore muscles. An old pillow can accumulate allergens, which can further cause a runny or stuffy nose, itchy skin, and irritated eyes that may impact sleep quality.

Talking about the reason to replace a duvet, it is impractical to wash duvets, which might cause allergies due to dust and bacteria. Also, not everyone can sleep all year round with the same duvet. If you have got a summer duvet, you might want to change it for a warmer, winter one. The tog rating of a duvet usually tells you how warm it will be on a scale of 2.5 to 15.

Who doesn’t love that luxurious satisfaction from the fresh, plump comfort, and clean smell of a brand-new set of pillows and duvet? When the same set of pillows is used for a longer period of time, they lose their supportive structure and cleanliness. Thus, it is essential that you replace your pillows and duvet from time to time. So, it is time for you to choose a brand-new set of pillows and duvet for your bedroom. Check out the complete range of high-quality bedding at Amurelle, and get your hands on the most comfortable and quality bedding for a relaxed sleep.


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