Flat Sheets and Fitted Sheets: What is The Difference?

Confused between a flat and fitted sheet? Well, this is a common query that needs to be answered. Some of us love the simplicity and fitting of fitted sheets, while others might prefer a flat pile of folded sheets as an extra layer of covers as we sleep. It is often a bit difficult to choose between the two. So, to clear the clouds of confusion, here we are going to answer one of the most common questions i.e., what is the difference between a fitted bedsheet and a flat bedsheet?

What Makes a Sheet Fitted or Flat?

The main difference between the two depends simply on one factor which is the corners of the sheet. The flat sheets are perfectly flat, whereas the fitted sheets have elastic in the corners to allow for the sheet to fit more snugly on the bed. The flat sheets have finished edges, whereas the fitted sheets have corners sewn into them and most often have elastic sewn into them and most often have elastic sewn in on two or four sides as well. This additional structure allows them to wrap around a mattress, covering it in the same way a car cover works.

So, which one to choose?

Well, for those who don’t like fitted sheets at all for the reason that they are difficult to fold and add additional work and look untidy in a linen stack, they often go for a flat sheet. However, there are others who use the fitted sheet for a sleek and neater look.

And then comes, the people who prefer both fitted and flat sheets. Many people use flat sheets over fitted sheets to bring that extra layer and protection for the duvets. They feel that maintaining that extra sheet makes the bed more comfortable and inviting and it further protects the cleanliness of the duvet cover.

All we can say is that it is completely up to you whether you prefer an additional layer of the flat sheet or would want a tidy-looking bed with fitted sheets.

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