We often get asked why we named our sateen cotton bedding 'hero cotton' - it's simple really, we wanted to create the perfect cotton bedding that had all the qualities we feel are needed for the perfect night's sleep. Enter, your hero...
'the best or most important thing in a set or group'  

From the quality of cotton used, how it is woven to the added features, every little detail has been accounted for & the result is our hero cotton. Whilst we don't fully agree with the above statement (as we do love our breeze linen loads), we are confident that hero cotton will become a staple in your home & will soon feel like 'the most important thing' in it, we hope so anyway...

So how is Amurelle Hero Cotton made?

It all starts with nature & the humble cotton plant which has long been the choice of luxury bedding brands due to its super soft, durable & breathable qualities. We've also chosen the best quality cotton to ensure the highest standards are always met when you purchase an Amurelle item. You can read more about Amurelle & sustainability here.

After years of working in the bedding industry, our founder Hannah has learned a thing or two abut what components make for great bedding & has chosen to focus on three factors - the quality of the materials used, how & where our items are produced and creating the best sleep experience for our customers by only offering the highest calibre of textiles possible. 

So after lots of research & trialling, we landed on a super soft sateen weave cotton that we know today as hero cotton. We've also added an extra step to ensure this really is your new hero, garment washing our cotton makes it extra soft & gives it a luxurious yet relaxed feel that gets better with every night's sleep, plus you can pop your new purchase onto your bed straight away, bonus!

In addition, all Amurelle items are Oeko-tex certified which guarantees your bedding is made with respect for the environment & are entirely free of harmful chemicals so that you won't loose sleep over how your bedding has been made. Read more about this here.

Amurelle hero cotton is great for warm or cool sleepers who love the finer things in life & a great night's sleep.