Ideal Ways to Store Your Bedding

As the season changes, it is time to replace the duvets and switch to season-appropriate bedding. However, keeping your bedding organised and storing it in the best way so that it doesn’t get spoiled is a huge task and consumes a lot of space. Without a doubt, bedding can be bulky and inconvenient to store, especially if you have several sheets sets and blankets for multiple beds in the house. Even though you have a separate closet for your bedding, storing the bedding properly is an even bigger headache. To help you a little in decluttering and storing your linen properly, we are here with some quick tips. Let us have a look!

Select Optimal Storage Conditions

Well, the best way to store a bedding set is to neatly fold the linen and place it on a shelf. This provides the ideal airflow to allow the duvet covers, pillows, and sheets to breathe and helps in avoiding mildew from taking hold. It is recommended to avoid storing bedding in sheds, and garages, as it might spoil the bedding due to moisture.

Using Protective Storage Bags

It is suggested to use cotton bags to avoid dust and moisture, and also save space. You can also use vacuum storage bags, as they will help you in keeping the bedding without consuming too much space.

Combining The Bedding Sets

Luxury bedding sets are all folded neatly into one, so try to fold your bedding together, as this will help you save some space and store your bedding neatly.

Display Your Linen

Even if you do not have the right storage space for your linen, then you can simply store and organise your sheets. Use shelves, baskets, coat hangers, etc., to display your linen and store them neatly.

Storing your bedding isn’t easy, but it is essential that you store them properly, so that the next time you take your bedding out, it smells fresh and isn’t spoiled. However, if your bedding isn’t in a good condition, then you can simply replace it with tons of options available at Amurelle. Check out the wide range of high quality linen beddings available, and enjoy your bedtime and good night’s sleep.


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