Ten Art Prints to Spruce-Up Your Bedroom

Naturally, we’re all about bedrooms. As we see it, they’re the cosiest room in the house and the one place you’re guaranteed to find refuge and comfort in (especially if you have Amurelle bed sheets…). Excuse the shameless plug, but seriously: it’s the sole environment representative of you, your unique aesthetic and your individual style, no matter what your living circumstances are. Plus - most importantly - it’s where you sleep. I think we’ve made our case. 

One of the easiest and most effective ways to instantly reflect your personality onto a room, is to (quite literally) hang it on the walls. So, we’ve curated a selection of ten prints to get your search started. 

1. Cliodhna By Cliodhna 

“The Original Irish Nude Artist”, Clíodhna’s pieces have become recognisable instantly across the creative industry. Empowering women through art, her creations are sustainably made using vegan materials and her work has (unsurprisingly) been featured across almost all major Irish media publications. 

Clíodhna by Clíodhna


2. Alana Storm O’Sullivan

When Dublin based photographer Alana isn’t out taking snaps, she’s managing other creatives in a design firm. Her strikingly simplistic work focuses on the little, intimate details of everyday life, resulting in compositions that can’t help but bring a smile to your face.

Alana Storm O'Sullivan @ Hen's Teeth Store

3. Ecin Studio 

An art studio based in Dublin, Ecin Studio defines itself as “a colourful, fun space for like minded people”. Joyce Blessing is responsible for all the prints produced, each inspired by her slow lifestyle from her time in New Zealand. The result? Well, it’s not hard to see where the workspace got it’s self-definition; each piece is bursting with both colour, and fun. 

Ecin Studio

4. Laura Duffy Art

Laura is an independent Artist and Illustrator, based in Dublin, who has become somewhat of a social media sensation over the last few years - thanks to her eye-catching prints often threaded with strong, positive messages of empowerment. Oh, and she’s worked with Google, Netflix, Plant-It, Rozanna Purcell and Wild Éire… the list goes on. 

Laura Duffy Art

5. Accidentally Wes Anderson

A visual adventure of famous director Wes Anderson inspirations (as authorised by the no less than the legendary filmmaker himself). The collective explores the unique, the symmetrical and the atypical, aiming to seek out and capture distinctive design and amazing architecture in order to inspire its admirers. Talk about a conversation piece. 

Accidentally Wes Anderson

6. Marko

Designer Mark Wheatley is the genius behind Marko prints. Constantly experimenting with form, colour and composition, each of the creatives strikingly abstract artworks is just as bold, vibrant and eye-catching as the next.

Marko Print

7. Rich Gilligan

Growing up in Dublin, Ireland, Rich was fascinated with skateboarding and music. He began making his own magazines dedicated to these passions as a teenager and them moved on to become a skate photographer, working for a variety of publications worldwide. Now, the artists work can be noted on a wide range of commissioned projects, but  he continues to evolve his personal portfolio.

Rich Galligan @ Hang Tough

8. Áine Byrne

A weaver by trade, Áine is interested in the mutability and memory of materials; their function, texture, colour and potential to be remade. This curiosity is evident in each of her compositions. Rhythm, pattern and colour are recurring elements, investigating the reappropriation and reforming of materials and the contrast between soft and hard, as well as industrial and domestic. In simple terms, it’s hard to decide whether you’re looking at a body, or a building.

Áine Byrne @ Hen's Teeth

9. Jam Art Prints

Set up in 2013 by brothers Mark and John as a collective platform for one and all Irish printmakers, Jam Art Prints has become a familiar name for illustrators and artists from North to South. Rooted in a desire to showcase the abundant and talented artists emerging in Ireland today, the business is an easy win for striking prints - and you might discover the latest, gifted printmaker Ireland has to offer, which is a nice bonus.

Jam Art Prints

10. Marina Esmeraldo

Marina Esmeraldo is a Brazilian illustrator, artist and mentor, based between Barcelona and London. Often finding inspirations in travelling and the sea, her artwork is intricately detailed, often bursting with colourful, clean-cut abstract shapes. By no means a one-trick-pony, the talented artist also speaks five and a half languages - when it comes to art, you can never have enough fun facts.

Marina Esmeraldo



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