Let’s Hear it for Winter Linen!

Typically, linen as a material is associated with summer – and while yes, it is the perfect fabric for floaty dresses and billowing shirts, it also possesses unique properties that make it a great winter fabric, too. 

Linen is temperature regulating, which means not only does it keep you cool during warmer conditions, but it also keeps you warm during chillier climes. That’s why our Breeze Linen Bedding Bundles make a great choice to get cosy in during cold spells, and the fabric’s durability means it’s a luxurious, cost-effective investment that’ll last you year after year. 

Still unconvinced? Well, let’s dive a little deeper…

  • During winter, temperature regulation is one of the biggest struggles. Feeling chilly when you’re trying to dose off makes getting cosy a hard task, but linen bedding may be  the answer to sleeping comfortably through frosty nights; it’s a natural thermo-regulator, which means that it cools you down when you’re warm, and warms you up when you’re cold.
  • Linen strands are also thicker and longer than most textiles; so much so, you can even distinguish each individual strand in the duvet’s weave. This density gives provides the perfect amount of natural weight, helping to seal off drafts while remaining light enough to move around in with ease.
  • As a naturally grown fabric, linen is breathable and antimicrobial. This means that unlike many synthetic fabrics, the warmth of breathable linen feels comfortable and cosy, not overbearing and suffocating. 

Now we’ve given you the linen low-down, shop our Linen Bedding Bundles. Our Breeze Linen Bedding is spun from 100% certified French Flax Linen; a high-quality, durable and naturally insulating fibre. Unbeatably snuggly, cosy comfort pending…



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