Luxury Bedding – The Low Down

To us, luxury bedding means a cosy, comfy bed, a firm (but not too firm) mattress, plump and plentiful pillows and soft, fresh bed linen. This definition may well differ from person to person; some people like it crisp and fresh, others prefer it soft and smooth etcetera, etcetera. However, there’s one common denominator: we want to feel supremely snuggly, and utterly sublime from the moment our skin hits the sheets. 

So, what is it that makes luxury bedding truly luxurious?

  • Neutrals: Playing around with natural palettes can change the entire feel of your space. Colour is what creates ambience, so make sure you choose the right colours for your sanctuary.
  • Pure White: You can’t go wrong with a clean, blank canvas. Layering white bedding with lots of textiles will elevate your set up, creating a hotel-like experience from the comfort of your home. 
  • Rotating Accessories: Using the same sheets and pillows isn’t wrong, but it’s fun to spice up your life once in a while – and shifting colour-ways, prints and textures around is a great way to do that.
  • A Cosy Duvet: Your duvet decides your bed’s comfort levels. Deciding on the right duvet can make or break your bedtime, especially when it comes to staying warm and cosy in the winter months.
  • Statement Headboard: An easy way to add an immediate, striking and personal touch to your set up – with such a wide array of options, there’s a headboard for everyone in the audience.
  • A Freshly Made Bed: Hear us out - it might take a few minutes every morning, but it’s one easy way to guarantee your space looks fresh, more refined and decluttered.

Luxurious bedding is something we all want, and we all deserve. At  Amurelle, you can shop the highest quality duvets, pillows, flat sheets and more. Invest in a good night’s sleep here and make all of your luxe-bedding dreams come true. 



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