Knowing They’re ‘The One’… Pillow Edition

Pillows are no one trick pony. Whether you sleep with one, two or twelve, choosing the right pillow that caters to your slumbering needs can be an almighty task. From soft and fluffy feathers to sturdy memory foam, we’ve comprised a guide so you can get on with sussing out your perfect pillow partner – a cosy, comfortable and sound sleep awaits….

Your Sleeping Position: The first step is to assess whether you sleep on your tummy, side, back or full-blown starfish. If your pillow is too lofty, your cervical spine will be craned upright, so a thinner Orthopaedic pillow might be best to keep your head at just the right elevation. The best pillow for a side sleeper is a soft or medium-soft lofty pillow, or one that cradles the head while sleeping.

Consider Pain Issues: Before you make this decision, it’s essential to consider any sort of back or neck pain you may have. Your pillow can either ease this pain or enhance it, so a lot rides on the one you choose.

The Right Filling: Like all aspects of bedding, there are countless different kinds of fillings available for your pillow. From soft down to feathers and microfibre, it’s integral to shop around so you can reach your optimum comfort requirements.

Expiry: It may sound odd, but every pillow has an expiry date. If this date is exceeded, the pillow might distort, lump up or deflate causing discomfort and even injury. Changing your pillows every few years, or as soon as they become uncomfortable, is highly recommended. 

Keeping these things in mind will ensure you meet your perfect pillow match. So, go ahead and check out our complete collection here. There, you’ll find soft down pillows, luxury feather pillows and various other bedding options to choose from – think Hinge, or Tinder, for your bed. 




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