How To Choose the Right Duvet - here's our top tips!

Who doesn’t want comfy, warm, and cosy bedding? A well-chosen duvet will keep you cosy and will let you sleep soundly through the coldest winter nights. Often while searching for the right duvet, you might be confused about which one to choose. What material to go for? As the day starts with a good night’s sleep, it is important to choose the right duvet. There are plenty of duvets to choose from, but considering the tog ratings, fillings, and size is essential to make sure you get what you are looking for. So, let us together find the right one for you!

Tog Ratings 

When looking for that one perfect duvet, you might want to know how warm it will keep you, especially in winter. And this can be identified with the help of tog rating. This will be seen splashed across duvet packaging already, and it also refers to how well the duvet is able to trap warm air around you and therefore keep you insulated all night long. The tog rating scale ranges from 1 tog to 15 togs. And for summer, you need a 1-7 tog duvet, whereas 10.5 tog or above is perfect for winters. It is important to note that the weight of the duvet doesn’t relate to its tog rating. The duvets that are filled with feathers or down naturally have better thermal properties than synthetic versions.

Duvet Fillings

Talking about the fillings, there are usually two types of filling when it comes to duvets, i.e., natural and synthetic. One can go for a synthetic duvet, if he/she is suffering from allergies, while the other option is lighter and equally warm. The natural filling duvets include:

  • Down-filled duvets
  • Feather-filled duvets
  • Feature and down filled duvets


Duvets are available in a bunch of sizes. You can choose the size according to your requirements and the availability of space.
    • Cot bed: 120cmx150cm
    • Single: 135cmx200cm
    • Double: 200cmx200cm
    • King: 230cmx220cm
    • Super King: 260cmx220cm
    • Emperor size: 290cmx235cm

    Nothing beats getting into bed with fresh bedding. And with the colder months upon us, it is time to think about whether your duvet is doing its job and keeping your body at a good temperature for the best night’s sleep, or it is time to change it. Well, if you are hunting for the right Cosy Duvet Cover Sets & Duvets for a peaceful bedtime, then your search ends with Amurelle. Shop the best quality bedding sets and enjoy a comfy night's sleep. 


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